What is TNVR

What is TNVR? Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (or TNVR) is the most humane and effective method known for managing community cats. The cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, provided basic grooming care, eartipped, and then returned to their outdoor homes. Caretakers provide ongoing food and shelter.


What is Eartipping?


eartipped cat on windshieldWhat is eartipping? Eartipping is the universal sign for a cat which has been TNVR'd. It is a painless procedure done while the cat is under anesthesia for sterilization and involves making  a cut about 1/4" off of the left ear. The cats experience no pain and no after effects. This allows Animal Control officers to immediately identify "fixed" cats, which are protected under Topeka ordinance. It also allows caregivers and trappers to monitor colonies effectively.

Ways to Volunteer

Our greatest need is for trappers and trapping assistants.

We also need volunteers to:

  • Transport cats to and from their colonies.
  • Help prepare cats for surgery.
  • Feed and clean in the evenings for cats awaiting surgery and release.
  • Prepare meals for KState and TCCF volunteers on surgery days.
  • Clean the staging area after the TNR is over.
  • Power-wash traps after the TNR.
  • Sew trap covers.
  • Build shelters.
  • Help to organize special events.
  • Help to canvass neighborhoods.
  • Help with community presentations.
  • Maintain the web site.
  • Answer the hotline and speak with caregivers.
  • Fund-raise